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United States Treasury Department Hs gienic Laboratorj Bulletins
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old and have continued with increasing frequency ever since. From
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the phalangeal joint of the thumb has appeared with an
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Botanical Descriptmi. Entire plant smooth. Stem branched
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amenable to the coui ts of the land and if the latter
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doctors for attending temporary residents should have
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they might hot have been disposed to revise tlie amount
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from each and its representatives had met to decide on a
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cases is to stand behind the patient and draw up both upper
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the practices of those absent on war service was adopted
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recommends continuous irrigation with a 1 600 carbolic acid
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A Clinical Lecture Delivered at the Hospital of the University of
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much lower boiling point than the phenol ordinarily obtainable I
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generating. He will say Look at your hospitals full to over
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the work to our readers as a thoroughly up to date scientific
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obey them lest worse things befall us a very humiliating
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ens and plucked cut his secret from the mysterious disease of rabies
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not to sjieak of oiher issues. Further it is known to those having
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shoulder and manipulating the arm you will be liable to detect
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Wilham Hingston Drs. Roddick Buller Marsolais Black
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Clinically the cases cannot be satisfactorily classifled until
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which occurred in hospital practice in which I amputated the
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The circulation of the bile acids in the blood accounts for the
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found that they could not be paid their sickness benefits
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WAR v MV foi xTY BOROUGH. Assistant Medical Officer of
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pilot the needle through the tissues so that it will appear neither in
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nose the pharynx and nose or all three were affected. In
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often severe and lacerated and carry more clothes tluin
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and to not 1 1 r 1 1 Hospitals Association that such
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circulation until after the Annual Representative Meeting
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drops out of the profession into such an obscure corner pursuing a
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could with difficulty retain his water. He resisted though and
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